The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff Support for Academic Success

Homework Assistance
Each after school day homework assistance to help kids complete and turn in their assigned school work. The program assists children to keep-up in their assigned work and not fall behind.

Individual Support
Tutoring and computer assisted self-directed learning to help children regain and retain proficiency especially in reading and math. Children can catch-up to their peers and stay engaged in the learning process.

High Yield Learning
Research shows that when kids are engaged in fun, yet educational games & activities in the out of school hours, they do better in school.  The Boys & Girls Club provides daily activities for youth in discussion groups, clubs, games….

Summer Learning Camp
The Learning Camps support youth that have experienced or at are at-risk for a reading and math learning loss during the summer. Children show improvement or have no loss in reading comprehension, accuracy and fluency and have function math gains or no loss.

Art Education
Daily art activities are available to all children including drawing, painting, sculpting. An annual talent show provides the opportunity to participate in the performing arts… Each week members at the Club learn new dance moves – from jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop to step dance and Mexican heritage dances.

Technology Education
In the Tech Room, kids learn basic hardware and software skills, have limited access to the internet and learn internet safety. Kids also have opportunities to learn more advanced skills in the graphic arts and webpage design through formal instruction and self-directed learning.

STEM Programs
The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff sponsors periodic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs at the facilities.  Youth can participate in a First Lego League team building a robot or learn about astronomy from local experts.

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