Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Donate today and help make a difference in the life of a child!
It’s time to Reduce Your Arizona State Taxes or
Increase Your Arizona State Tax Return


The deadline for both federal and state donations is APRIL 15TH, 2020!

For every dollar you donate to the Club, taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar credit and/or
reduction of up to $800 for joint filers and $400 for individual filers.
Visa & MasterCard Accepted
The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff is not a tax adviser.

As with any financial recommendation, contact a qualified tax professional for expert advice on your specific tax situation.

For more information about the Arizona Tax Credit go to:

The economy is impacting our kids and families, and your support is needed now more than ever.

• Kids are hungry—More kids are coming to the Club hungry. The Club now provides a daily meal to all kids at the Club!

• Families are in need—Many parents face evictions, layoffs, and overwhelming financial stress. Kids in the Clubs are exhibiting signs of these stresses. The Club provides caring adults and a safe place for kids to learn and grow.

• Families are finding other childcare unaffordable—Our Clubs are seeing an influx of new members because our drop-in programs are only about $20 a year. Despite these low costs, more parents are asking for scholarships.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Flagstaff depends on generous individual gifts, fundraising events, and foundation support to help us reach thousands of youth each year. The money we raise allows us to keep our services affordable and even free!

Be a hero and help a child today!