Our programs develop healthy children who are successful in school, make positive life choices, and live in supportive families. Each program addresses a local need of children and their families.

In our health programs children learn to make positive food choices, participate in and develop lifelong exercise routines, participate in organized athletic leagues, learn sportsmanship, and participate in disease prevention and health promotion activities.

Our education programs provide support for in-school learning by helping kids keep-up, catch-up and stay engaged in school. Our education programs also expose kids to the arts and technology and prepare them for post-secondary education and careers.

Life Skills

Our life skills program prepares kids for the rigors of life. Kids learn how to make positive life choices and resist peer pressures toward antisocial behavior. Kids learn how to be responsible, how to be good friends, money management, and how to be leaders. Many of the activities incorporate service learning opportunities.

Family Support Programs

The children and families that the Boys & Girls Club serves have emergent needs. The Boys & Girls Club works with other community organizations to understand the needs of local families and to work together to meet them.
For more information on Boys & Girls Club programs please contact Randy Clark, Program Supervisor at 928-266-0489 or


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