There are many ways to get involved with Boys & Girls Clubs. A contribution of your time is a wonderful way to make a difference.

Background checks are a legal requirement that ensure member safety, and must be completed prior to volunteer placement. We encourage you to connect with a Club near you to find out what volunteer opportunities they have and where your time can make the biggest impact.

Some volunteer opportunities may include:
Volunteer Application

Afterschool Games Room and Gym Activities
(Billiards, foosball, ping pong, board games, basketball, soccer, active games)
Playground Adults are often needed to teach sportsmanship and skills to youth in our games rooms and gymnasiums. Having additional adults in the games room means that our members are surrounded with positive role models. One-on-one interaction between youth and adults is an essential building block for healthy development of youth.

Teen Nights
(Basketball, computers, dance, supervision, concessions, games room)
Teen Night events are for middle and high school youth in our communities. Adults are needed to build relationships with teens and interact with them in this safe, fun, and age-appropriate environment. Volunteers must be outgoing and interested in building relationships with teens.

Education Center and Computers
(Homework assistance, tutoring, storytelling, word processing, Web design, Internet surfing, tech support, supervision, programming)
Today’s families are pulled in all directions. It is often difficult for parents to take the time out of their day to help their child with homework. Each day, kids come to our Clubs looking for assistance and attention. Volunteers are often needed to give each student the attention they deserve. Adult tutors are also needed to meet with youth to help build their skills in a particular area.

(Flag football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball)
Coaching takes a special person who cares about youth and who can model teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of being involved in a positive, healthy activity.

Youth who understand citizenship will take part in their communities throughout their lives. Volunteers are needed to advise Boys & Girls Club members in the ways of good citizenship, teaching the skills of democracy, planning events, working in a team, and helping others. Volunteers for the above programs must be over 21, and must make a one-year commitment to the group they facilitate. Time commitment is beyond four hours per month.

Special Skills
(Cooking, art, dance, magic, outdoors, environmental education, biking)
Each of us has a special passion. Whether it’s kites, cupcakes, model airplanes, or anything else—one-time demonstrations or weekly classes—you choose the topic and the format! Don’t be shy…your hobby might be just what some child needs to keep him or her going when the things get tough.

(Construction, painting, cleaning, grounds keeping, landscaping, van repair)
Our Clubs are each used by hundreds of kids, and our equipment and facilities get extreme use by active kids. If you have a skill or an interest in this area, your help can save the Club dollars better spent on providing activities for youth, and you can help create an environment where members feel comfortable and at home.

(Special events, board member)
Volunteers in this arena work on special events and fundraising for the Clubs.

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  1. There are always volunteering opportunities here. Just stop by the Club pick up an application, we just run a background check and a quick interview to see what are your strengths and place you in the right group to help run. Hope to talk to you soon.


  2. I will be attending NAU in the fall of 2013 and was wondering if there were any volunteering or jobs that I could apply for at the Boys and Girls club of Flagstaff?

  3. Hello.

    I would like to become a volunteeer. I was an English teacher and would like to assist in the Educational Center or as an advisor, or both.

    What further steps do I need to take?

    Thank you.

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