Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff is excited to announce our very first teen summer camp for ages 13-18! Our camp focuses on knowledge retention, creative expression, physical and mental health, exploration of nature, personal growth, and building positive mentorships and friendships.

Below is a snapshot of some of the programs that teens will be participating in this summer.
Life 101- In partnership with a team of NAU psychologists and grad students, Life 101 is a program that focuses on teen stress reduction, self-esteem, self-worth, and identity.
Threaded Together- This program is in partnership with Threaded Together, a local Flagstaff non-profit organization devoted to inspiring creativity and connection through textile arts programs that empower participants, enrich the community, and offer employment pathways for women and vulnerable populations. In this program, teens learn beginner to intermediate sewing through fun weekly projects.
Teens in the Kitchen- Can your teen prepare a meal without setting the house on fire, injuring themselves, or leaving a mess? Teens in the Kitchen teaches teens the essential skills they need to function in a kitchen, such as knife skills, proper nutrition, scaling recipes, kitchen safety, clean-up, and grocery shopping and budgeting. After completing this twice weekly program, your teen will be a kitchen pro.
Yoga and Meditation- A healthy mind is key to a healthy body. This program teaches yoga and meditation concepts that can be utilized to regulate the mind and body.
Creative Minds- Creative Minds allows teens to let their creative side go wild. Weekly art projects that utilize and teach different techniques will allow teens to plan and execute individual projects.
Club Snapshot- Learn to utilize professional cameras and equipment to get a perfect shot!
STEM- STEM projects teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way. Want to make an exploding chemical reaction, build and program robots, or construct a drop-proof egg contraption? Then this is the program for you.
Summer Brain Gain- Summer Brain Gain is especially helpful in a time like now. This program refreshes academic concepts and keeps the brain sharp for school in the fall through fun group activities and projects.
Outdoor Activities- Keeping the body active is very important, especially for teens! Whether it be a game of baseball, a relay, volleyball, or more, we will make sure we’re keeping our bodies in motion.
SMART Girls- SMART Girls, the counterpart to Passport to Manhood, is a mentorship-based program for girls aged 13-18 focused on all of the difficulties that come with being a teen girl. We touch on topics such as friendships, family relationships, sexual health and responsibility, proper diet, body image, and more.
Passport to Manhood- Passport to Manhood, the counterpart to SMART Girls, is a mentorship-based program for teen boys aged 13-18. We touch on topics such as self esteem and identity, personal values, authority, relationships, and diversity.

Field Trips
Every Wednesday teens have the opportunity to get out into nature and explore amazing places near our very own backyard! Some field trips include Horseshoe bend and Lone Rock beach, Slide Rock in Sedona, and the Flagstaff lava tubes, as well as fun adventures like kayaking or a heli-tour!

Cogdill location: 301 S Paseo del Flag, in our new Teen Center.

Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:30pm
June 8th-Aug7th, with the week of July 6th-10th off
*Teens must apply to be an LIT (Leader in Training) if they wish to stay past 3:30. LIT’s assist staff, sell snacks, tidy up, and assist in general club operations between 3:30-5:00pm.

COVID19 and FAQ’s
● What measures is BGCF taking against COVID19? (a.k.a coronavirus)
Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff is taking all possible measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus. We are taking the measures listed below and we ask that all members and parents comply:
- No non-members or non-staff are allowed inside the building. Check-in and payments will be taken care of outside the building.
- Group sizes will not exceed 15 individuals and will be spread apart
- Temperatures will be taken before anybody enters the building and again at lunchtime. Any person exhibiting a temperature above 38 degrees C will be sent home for safety purposes. Any individuals exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19 will not be allowed on site and will require a doctor’s note for re-entry.
- Multiple handwashing stations will be in place; hand washing is required between each rotation.
- Surfaces will be disinfected between each rotation or any contact.
- Staff and teens will be asked to wear face masks/coverings when in the building. Masks are available upon request.
● Is there a fee for field trips?
There is no fee for field trips, however there will be limited spots. To secure a spot, sign and turn in a waiver.
● What are LIT’s responsibilities?
Leaders in Training volunteer their time and learn valuable workforce skills. Many former LITs have gone on to work at the Boys and Girls Club or secure part-time jobs because of their participation in the program. LITs assist in the rotation of kids from area to area, as well as assisting staff with programs, tidying up, planning projects, and more.
● How much does summer camp cost?
We are pleased to be able to provide this camp for FREE! The only charge is a $20 membership fee if your teen’s membership is not up to date.