Badges For Baseball

Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff is bringing Badges for Baseball to Flagstaff.

 Youth with a police officer showing off a helicopter

In hundreds of communities across America, vulnerable youth and law enforcement are joining forces to play and learn—building positive connections in the process.

They’re part of our signature Badges for Baseball program, created in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice. The life-skills training program pairs at-risk youth with law enforcement mentors from local communities who use team sports to teach valuable life lessons.

Devised to deter juvenile delinquency, Badges targets America’s most vulnerable youth, including those in low-income families and single-parent homes, children of parents on active military duty, and youth with disabilities.

Equally important, Badges helps repair contentious relationships between inner-city youth and law enforcement.

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