Alumni Circle


Welcome Home… to Boys and Girls Clubs Alumni Circle!

Are you a former Youth of the Year? Keystone Member? Maybe you did service with a Boys & Girls Club overseas? All former Boys & Girls Clubs members are welcome to join our Alumni Circle! Every child loves a good story – for a good story sparks imagination and inspires children to dream beyond the boundaries and routines of everyday life. If you are a former Boys and Girls Club member from any branch across the United States and NOW live or work in Coconino County, we want to hear your inspirational stories of growing up in the Club and its impact on your life today.

Apply now and share your story of how you are a part of the 57% percent of BGCA alumni that credit the clubs they grew up in with changing their lives for the better. Becoming a member is easy!! There are no membership dues or anything like that. Our only goal is to document the impact our organization, as well as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, has had locally. And by communicating this success with our youth, create even more inspiring stories in the years to come.

Alumni Again if you are a proud Club kid? We’re on a mission to reconnect, provide access to college and career resources and give back.

Please send all inquiries to for more information about how you can best impact your local club.

You can also join the Boys & Girls Clubs of American National Alumni & Friends Club here: